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Established in the year of 1995, in Sharjah as LLC & Now Complete Operations shifted to SAIF Zone Since 2005, BETEC CAD. now stands as one of the leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) manufacturer and supplier in U.A.E. and Over Seas offering a wide range of products, services and technology in various sectors such as Construction, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Power Plant sectors etc. bestowed with all the well-Established Engineering capabilities to match with all the International standards.
After seeing the growth of Indian Market, “Betec Cad Management” has decided to start New Assembly / Manufacturing line to cover the demand of India and the neighboring country Market. In the view of Above “Betec Duct Works Private Limited” has started in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) with the commitment that “Betec Duct Works Private Limited” will follow the same Standard, Workmanship and Quality of material Which “Betec Cad Industries FZC” is following. In Indian operation, we have also added to do execution of our as well as complete system. Our Qualified Engineers and team will do the complete installation of the system as per International Norms.

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Tunnel Ventilation Damper

Galvanized construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, Class 1 leakage at 350° F, 20 in. wg pressure, 4000 fpm velocity, 4 hours fire rating, 250° C for 2 hours.

Marine Damper

Stainless steel construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, 1 hour fire rating per IMO FTP code. 

Gas Tight Damper

Galvanized construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, 10in. wg pressure, 3900 fpm velocity, temperature range of -20° C to 250° C.

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Mr  Ramachandra Murthy Pedapati

Mr Ramachandra Murthy Pedapati

Mr. Prakash Sinha

Mr. Prakash Sinha

Mr. Vinayak Sriniketh Pedapati

Mr. Vinayak Sriniketh Pedapati

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