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Fire Rated Steel Door

Fire Rated Steel Door
Infill: Steel Stiffened with Rockwool
Construction : Galvanized Steel


BETEC CAD manufactures fire rated steel doors, which barricades / reduces the spread of fire and enables safe egress. In addition these doors offer the highest degree of compartmentalization. The steel doors are designed to be rugged, long lasting and offer great endurance through time. They can resist environmental stresses like heat and humidity that may adversely impact other door and frame products. Our fire rated doors are fitted in strong steel door frames and are highly preferred for various applications thus offering safe and secure living for the occupants.


Door Test Ratings

Fire Rating : Upto 2 hours
Test Standards : BS 476 part 20/22

Size Range

Single door upto 4’ width x 10’ height

Standard Construction


45 mm (1-¾’’) thick full flush construction. Galvanized steel to Zinc coating Z-22 to Z-27.
Nominal door thickness 18 ga. Deep end channels at top and bottom of door for lasting integrity.


4.5 mm thick steel hinge reinforcements welded to the doors in compliance with SDI100.
Standard hinge preparation is to be 4’’ x 4’’.

Lock Face Plate

4.0 mm thick steel lock face plate reinforcement with tapped holes welded to the Doors.
Standard lock preparation is to be provided in compliance with ANSI A115.1 or A115.2.


Honeycomb core.


UL listed fire rated hardware or British Standard hardware.


RAL (Powder Coat)

Optional Construction

• Louvers

• Vision Panel

• Finish

Wooden finish (Powder Coat)
Metallic finish (Powder Coat)

• Infill
Polystyrene core door
Stiffened Door with fiberglass insulation
Polyurethane core door


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