Gas Tight Damper - Pneumatic

Type : Gas Tight Damper
Model : For Pneumatic Drive : GTD-GB-40-B-Pn
Blade : Aerofoil Type
Construction : Galvanized Steel (GI)
Construction : Stainless Steel (SS)

Gas tight dampers are designed such that they can isolate sections of a ventilation system with a very high level of sealing (gas tight). This can be required for safety reasons in certain operational conditions.

GTD-GB-40-B-Pn shut of dampers are designed so that after closure, even with failure of power supply to the actuator, the damper maintains the sealed closure in accordance with KTA 3601 (Guidelines for Nuclear Plant) and A0 A60 (type approved) for Marine, Oil & Gas applications. The compact design and robust actuator mechanisms of these shut-off dampers enable them to be installed in any orientation.


Damper Ratings

Max Leakage Rating :

As per Standards KTA 3601(0.01 m3/h x m2 at 2000 Pa)

Operational Rating :

Actual ratings are size dependent

Air Velocity:

3000 fpm (15 mt/sec)

Pressure :

8″water gauge (2KPa).

Max . Holding Pressure:

20” W.g (5Kpa) (in closed condition)

Temperature Ratings

Operational Temp :

250°C/482°F for a minimum of 2Hr.

Normal operation :

-20°C to +120°C

No Fire :

-4°F to + 248°F

Tunnel Application :

-20°C to +250°C
for 2 hours minimum

Under Fire

: -4°F to / +482°F
for 2 hours minimum

Standard Construction Details


14 gauge (2 mm) thick galvanized steel sheet with 2″ (50mm) external flanges.


Double Skin blades (Aerofoil) of 14 gauge (2 mm) thick roll formed galvanized steel

Blade Seals

300°C High temp, resistant Silicon rubber blade seals.

Jamb Seals

Stainless Steel.


High temperature resistant concealed ball bearings.


¾” (19 mm) Diameter axle.

Drive :

Operation by electric actuator 24V / 230 V
Model : Exmax / RedMax

Note :

* Standard Construction.


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