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MCD B 20 Series - AMCA

Type: Square and Rectangular

Blade Type: 3V Single Skin 

Construction: Galvanized Iron / Aluminum / Stainless Steel

Blade Operation: A-Parallel, B-Opposed, C-Gear Opposed


BETEC CAD. B-20 Series Motorized volume control dampers are square and rectangular type with parallel or opposed blade operation having Aerofoil double skin blade design. These dampers are subjected to medium pressure applications to achieve low leakage and uniform air distribution.

The square and rectangular type MCD’s are designed for handling maximum air capacities at minimum pressure drop.


Damper Performance Ratings

OperatingPressure – 6” wg (1500Pa.) Max.

Leakage – Class- I (Refer AMCA 500-D-12).

Velocity – 2000fpm (10.1m/s).

Standard Construction


6” x 1.18” x 18 gauge (150 x 30 x 1.2 mm) thick roll formed galvanized steel ‘C’ channel.


6” (152 mm) wide,1 mm (18 gauge) thick extruded aluminum aerofoil type.



Mechanical Linkage

Galvanized steel linkages concealed in the frame.


12 mm square galvanized steel.

Jamb Seal

0.3mm thick stainless spring steel.


Siemens(On/Off type 24V AC/230V AC)

Optional Fittings

Gear Wheel

Gear wheels are of heat resistant Nylon placed with in the frame instead of mechanical linkage for rattle free smooth operation.




12mm diameter galvanized steel.


Neck adaptor for round duct connections.


Honeywell/Belimo/Sauter(24V AC/230V AC)


Alphabet indicates the type of blade operation

A – Parallel Blade.
B – Opposed Blade.
– Gear Opposed Blade

Optional Construction

Frame : Thickness up to 1.5 mm
Frame Depth : Up to 150 mm
Blade : Thickness up to 0.9 mm
Blade Width : Up to 150 mm
Frame and Blade Material : Stainless Steel (304/316L)


Increments of 2” (50 mm) possible with combination of 4’’& 6’’ blade width.

Maximum single module size is 48”x40” (1200×1000 mm).

Damper, width W > 48” (1200 mm) or H > 40” (1000mm), is provided with a center mullion partition.

Dampers of size W or H > 800mm will have blade with stiffener.

*Indicates Betec Cad Models Certified by AMCA



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