VAV B 20/30 Series

Dual Duct Type

Type: Rectangular / Round

Construction: Galvanized Steel (GI) / Stainless Steel

Application: Light & Medium Duty


Dual Duct Terminals
Dual duct terminal units are used in a special type of air distribution system where the main system has both warm air and cold air separatly ducted to each termial unit. the flow of both warm air and cool air is modulated, delivering air to the VAV zone at variable air volumes as well as variable temperatures.


A dual duct with integral mixing is similar to the non-mixing type, but has an integral mixing section between the two supply valves and the discharge duct connection. The standard mixing dual duct should provide, at a downstream distance of three equivalent diameters from the dual duct, a uniform discharge air temperature profile (±1 °F).


Technical Features:

  • Volume control range from 100 to 10% is possible to the
    conditioned zone.
  • Accurate airflow sensing with 2 X 12 points averaging.
    Low Leakage i.e. less than 2% of V nominal at 750 Pa.
  • Designed to produce low NC levels with minimal
    pressure drop to the system.
  • Suitable for use as constant volume application,it can
    maintain a set flow requirement, compensating for
    fluctuations in system pressure.
  • Suitable for single duct variable volume control
  • Air volume capacity upto 2800 CFM
  • Electronics control factory supply & mounted.
  • Variety of control options available, based on
  • Electronic thermostat & actuator provide accurate
    mounting control.
  • Metal encapsulated edges limit fiberglass insulation
    erosion into the airstream.
  • Single-point power connection reduces installed cost.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Mixing dual ducts are used in both interior and exterior
    zones in buildings such as hospitals, or buildings where
    the use of auxiliary reheat such as hot water or electric
    reheat is not desirable.

Standard Construction


0.9 mm thick galvanized sheet steel.


13 mm thick 32 kg/m³ density Acoustic liner.


0.9 mm thick galvanized sheet steel.

Flow grid

Flow grid multi point with 12 inlet holes in four concentric

Axle Shaft

12 mm diameter damper shaft made of galvanized steel.


12 mm diameter Brass bearings.


Neoprene Gasket.

Controls :

Modulating / On-Off.

Optional Fittings


Backnet DDC with suitable thermostat.

Sound Attenuator

VAV with additional length insulated casing for sound


25 mm thick 32 kg/m³ density Acoustic liner.


0.9 mm thick aluminium extruded aerofoil multiple blades.

Duct Heater

Slip-in type electric duct heater (230V AC 1 Phase or
400V AC 3 Phase)

Double skin

Insulated internal walls surface with Galvanized perforated
sheet used for low noise applications to minimise breakout

Neck connections

Round inlet with round outlet and square inlet with square


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